Agave Agapé

Agave Agapé, 2015
Full HD video with sound, 21’39’’

In Agave Agapé, we witness the artist cutting down the blossoming flower growing from an agave plant, which heralds its imminent death. Unstated symbol of Mexico, Agave plants are cultivated and exploited as a raw material for tequila and mezcal production. Regardless, they are left alone to die when they reach their majestic maturity.

However, according to the legend, it is believed that by cutting the stem of the blossoming plant might give it an opportunity to enter another life cycle. Here the artist acts as a metronomic Zeitgeber, rhythmically chopping the massive stem with machete captured in a cosmic and cosmetic performance.

The video documents the absurdist and contradictory action of an almost violent gesture of interrupting the reproductive process of Agave. However, it can be seen as an action of emancipation and reincarnation.


Agave Agapé, 2015