Maria Luisa (recinto), 2015
Cantera stone, algae
50 × 40 × 2 cm

Maria Luisa (recinto negro), 2015
Recinto stone, algae
60 × 45 × 2 cm

Maria Luisa (emperador), 2010
Emperador marble
60 × 45 × 2 cm

Maria Luisa (ruivina), 2011
Portuguese marble
Diptych, 45 × 60 × 2 cm each

Maria Luisa (cantera), 2015
Cantera stone, algae
50 × 40 × 2 cm

Marie Louise (petit granit beige), 2010
Petit granit beige
Diptych, 45 × 60 × 2 cm each

Maria Luisa (carrare), 2016
Carrare marble
Diptych, 60 × 45 × 2 cm each

Marie-Louise is a slow growing series of carved stone slabs. Its production, which is the central constituent of the work, follows a systematic approach: each stone is endemic to the region of production and is being processed by a local carver according to the technical drawing provided by the artist.

Each rectangular slab replicates a passe-partout with a carved postcard-size area in its centre. The outer surface is polished while the postcard-size carved indent is left raw. The simple yet precise design doesn't allow a machine to carve the stone hence the result always varies according to the stone quality and technique used by the artisan.

Marie-Louise pieces are titled according to the country of production and the respective spelling (Maria Luisa, Marie Louise...) followed by the name of the stone under brackets.

Presented through multifaceted and sensorial nature of a single material, Marie-Louise depicts the confrontations which exist in one whole. The absence of the expected image calls for its memory, which has undergone petrification.


Marialuisa (recinto), 2015

MariaLuisa (Recinto Negro), 2015

Maria Luisa (emperador), 2010

Maria-Luisa (ruivina), 2011

Marialuisa (cantera), 2015

Marie-Louise (petit granit beige), 2010

Maria-Luisa (carrare), 2016