Cura, 2019
Full HD with sound, 5'16''

Cura is further subsistence of Adrien Missika’s «vegetation Agapé» series. In this work one can see the artist himself offering spa treatment to the plants that fill in the lost spaces caused by the megapolis urban planning. Sad and depressed, those plants feel neglected and estranged from life.

Walking next to the highways in the city surrounded by gigantic architecture, Missika is cleaning the plants with a cloth and half filled water bucket. The action suggests a different interpretation that is inaccessible to metaphor or animism. Instead of accepting the reality that precedes life, Cura proposes consciousness – taking care of the universe.

Performed with a romantic approach and thus gaining a poetic value, Cura is the gesture of caring that denies anthropocentric beliefs. Unlike traditional techniques used for painting, the action of cleaning the dust reflects the opposite: applying a colour by removing a layer.


Cura, 2019