Cactus Agapé

HD color video, no sound, 1'21''

Cactus Agapé is the second iteration of Missika’s «vegetation Agapé » series. In this short video one can see a desertic landscape with an emblematic Saguaro cactus, native from southern Arizona (USA) and northern Sonora (MX) only.

This particular cactus became the standard representation of a cactus, in advertising, movies, cartoons and therefore collective unconscious. The artist performs himself a comic, rather absurd flash action. He appears wearing what looks like a protection suit made of pillows. He walks clumsily towards the cactus and hugs it firmly before leaving it alone again.

This work recalls of trans-species communication in a comic way. On a metaphorical level, it can be read as more dramatically about otherness, disease and lonelyness.